Hey y’all! So I’m back as you can see… and I figured I owe all of my old followers an explanation.

In late February, I disappeared without warning and with no announcement. I had just found out that my mother needed open-heart surgery and then I was attempting to delete my saved urls and instead deleted my account. I contacted Tumblr Support and learned that they could not restore my account and at that point I decided to take some time off from Tumblr and spend more time with my family.

Right now, my mom’s surgery is scheduled for mid-May. I’m almost done with classes for the year, and quite frankly, I miss Tumblr and the Tumblr community, so I’m coming back. I’m not sure how active I’ll be, but I’m back and I’m working on getting all of my pages up and rebuilding my fan-fic recs page and all of that. 

I’ve missed all of you guys a lot and one or two have sent Bri aka my Watson aka watsonisgay nice messages for me and I have greatly appreciated them. 

I’m pretty damn psyched to be back so… let’s get blogging :P 

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